More Great Results

Posted by Jeffrey Siegel on July 21, 2014

Here is an example of what I accomplished for a local builder and contractor.
He was in business for himself (WITH A WIFE AND FOUR KIDS) and had not filed or paid income taxes in 13 years (willful failure to file and pay income taxes is a federal CRIME). After back returns were filed, he owed well into the six figures with INTEREST AND PENALTIES.
After a lot of negotiation, THE IRS SETTLED FOR ABOUT 20%. There were no CRIMINAL CHARGES.
How did I get this result? First, we came to the IRS before the IRS came to us. Voluntary disclosure before IRS contact will usually prevent criminal charges. Second, we filed an OFFER IN COMPROMISE. Third, I never stopped fighting. The Settlement Officer said flat out that this was one of the most egregious cases he had seen in 20 years and this history of noncompliance justified rejection of the offer. But I knew that “an egregious history of past noncompliance” was NOT enough to DENY the COMPROMISE. I hammered away at this point in negotiation. I convinced the Settlement Officer that my client made mistakes, but would file all returns and pay ON TIME in the future because he had a family to lose if he did not. I EVEN BROUGHT HIS WIFE DOWN TO MEET THE SETTLEMENT OFFICER SO HE COULD SEE FOR HIMSELF. We WON the SETTLEMENT. My client and his family have a new lease on life free from this crushing TAX BURDEN.
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