Advantages of a Tax Attorney

Posted by spswriter on July 23, 2015

Tax attorney from SiegelTax law is complicated. Life is complicated. There is certainly a lot of room for mistakes, errors in judgement, and happenstance to make life difficult even under the best of times. In these times, you will need some help but there are many levels of service. So what are the advantages of a tax attorney? The first is that your tax attorney cannot testify against you in court. Attorney-client privilege means you can trust your attorney and lay out the full extent of your situation without fear of it being used against you. This not true of a CPA or tax preparer. Additionally, while CPAs can be very familiar with tax law, they may not have a full understanding of all of the various settlement programs.

Tax Attorneys are particularly useful when communication with the IRS has broken down. Many taxpayers, when they are confronted with an audit, ignore letters or warnings from the IRS because they are not sure how to respond, or they are scared. In this situation, the IRS will have no choice but to threaten with a criminal prosecution. Dealing with the IRS is all about adhering to deadlines and rules. If you are not getting through to the IRS on your own, you will need help working the intricate layer of bureaucracy of the IRS. Your attorney will be able to draft professional communication or have direct access to the necessary branches of the IRS where these matters need to be handled. They can even negotiate over the phone. An attorney tells the IRS that you are taking these issues seriously.   An attorney will help you avoid entanglement and negotiate an equitable settlement.

Hiring an attorney can help you avoid breaking the law, and help you settle your debts and obligations. There are few people, if any, that can represent your interests like an attorney. If you are facing an audit, or action by the IRS you need representation before you get hit with sizable fines, interest, and penalties.

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