‘Tis the season for Taxes

Posted by spswriter on October 5, 2015

IRS tax attorney from SiegelEvery September through November the IRS begins to send out federal tax liens and levies to anyone who may owe a balance to Uncle Sam. Receiving a notification from the IRS stops everyone in his or her tracks. Chances are it could be a simple situation that can be remedied quite quickly. While it is overwhelming to deal with your tax situation at the forefront, it is necessary so that you do not come home to find your hard-earned dollars or property seized. Contacting an IRS tax attorney can provide you with years of expertise to properly resolve a serious, stressful financial situation.

If you have an IRS debt, the organization has probably reached out to you and sent notification of payment required. A series of five letters of notification including intent to levy and a right to a Collection Due Process hearing will be forwarded to allow you to take action on your debt. If you do not open up your mail and follow the deadlines included in the correspondence, a manageable situation can become a severe problem quickly.

The easiest solution is if you know that you owe a tax balance is to connect with the IRS and inquire about arranging to pay the balance. Having a conversation will provide additional insight into the problem and solution. Securing an arrangement to pay with an extension, installment agreement or classification is not currently collectible that deems you as temporarily unable to pay. Completing an analysis of your current financial situation and ability to pay down the balance will be necessary. Remember to take detailed notes and document everything. If the IRS agrees to any payment terms, be sure to get the agreement in writing.

Using the services of a tax professional can take a lot of the guesswork and frustration out of the process. On occasion, the IRS does make mistakes. There is a possibility that you do not owe the money billed. Once you review your records, if you are having difficulty seeing how the IRS came to the total amount due, it is highly advised to contact a tax, professional.

Dealing with an organization as large as the IRS can feel cumbersome to a novice. Occasionally the organization has a communication process that is not cohesive to a resolution before the deadlines to avoid further penalties. If your attempt to contact the IRS to resolve your matter has gone unanswered, it is time to secure the services of an IRS tax lawyer. A tax legal professional can create professional communication that will be sure to gather a response from the organization. They also have the direct contact information for local branches and departments to have a telephone conversation taking the wait time for response to a minimum. If the stakes are relatively high in your case, hiring a reliable tax attorney will help resolve serious problems that have the potential to affect more than just your financial life.

Here at Siegel Tax Law, we commit to providing you with a precise analysis your specific tax situation options are. We promise will explain everything that happens every step of the way, answer all of your tax questions and return your correspondence. Our dedication to our clients allows us to be by your side every step of the way. Contact us at 913-735-4829 to learn how our tax resolution services can help to alleviate your tax situation.