Tax attorney advice for a filing error

Posted by spswriter on May 13, 2015

Tax attorney from SiegelApril 15 is past. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief that once again, we have survived another tax day and all that is left to do is figure out what to do with our refund checks. However, you discover and error on your return. What do you do? Your Kansas City Tax Attorney has the answer. If it is just a math error or you have accidentally left off certain forms or schedules, the IRS will correct your error for you and there is no need to amend your return. However, if there has been a change in your filling status, income, deductions, or credits, you will need to file an amended return.

You will need Form 1040X to correct your old 1040 tax return. Also, include any forms or schedules required to validate your information. Unfortunately, you cannot file an amended return electronically under the e-file system. The address and mailing instructions can be found on the form. Obviously, if this means you owe more in taxes, you will need to pay those taxes by the due date for that year. You must file the 1040X within three years of original return or within two years of the date you paid your tax, whichever is later. For each tax return you are amending, file a separate 1040X and send in a separate envelope. If you have questions about amending a return please contact your tax attorney for more information.

You can track the status of Form 1040X using the “Where’s My Amended Return?” online tool created by the IRS, or you can call toll-free 866-464-2050 three weeks after you file your return. Be prepared to enter your vital information, such as data of birth or taxpayer ID number/ social security number, in order to validate your identity.

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