Substitute for Return: Why You Can’t Just Avoid Filing to Avoid Collections

Posted by Jeffrey Siegel on December 12, 2019

If you don’t file a tax return, the IRS may file for you with something called a Substitute for Return to determine the amount you owe them. A substitute for return is the IRS’ estimation of what you owe for that year.  They use past returns, as well as income reported by your employer(s) to approximate your return and how much you owe.

When filing a substitute for return, the IRS will not take responsibility for including every deduction and credit that you may qualify for that year. Consequently, the estimations are usually pretty high. The purpose of the substitute tax return is to make an estimate of how much you owe so they can begin collection actions.

This is another reason that you don’t just want to avoid filing to try and avoid paying. Not only will the IRS apply a stiff failure-to-file penalty, but they’ll estimate what you owe so they can collect anyway.

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